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Back on the road

By Makis - Posted on 09 July 2010

Back on the road again with the Capo after a few months.

The current mileage is 48K miles at the moment and hopefully soon will get over the 50K.

Had my first coil replacement. Also changed the speedo as it was not always working recently.

Have to do a weekly commute of 180 miles each way at the moment, so the miles will be soon adding up.
Using motorways for the commute which takes about 3 hours and it can be done in one tank full of petrol which is great.
Thinking of trying it using A and B roads which according to Tom Tom should be 4h and 50 minutes.

MOT booked for next week, and also thinking of replacing the tyres soon.
Wondering though if they should be the Metzeler Tourances that I liked very much or should I try the new Dunlop ones.






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