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Attempted Bikejacking in St Helens

So on Wednesday I had occaision to go first to Birkenhead and then to St Helens to survey a couple of buildings. I decided to take a trip on the bike as the traffic would doubtlessly be awful and the weather was very wet with lots of flood water.
So the trip out was uneventful, although there were some floods and lots of standing water especially on the M60. The driest part of the trip was the Birkenhead Tunnel. Anyway, fast forward to St Helens and I'm looking for a car park entrance at the building I'm due to survey and end up round the back in a narrow lane.

Questions needing answers

I'm very new to this technical stuff. anyway, i posted a reply to 7 capos in settle regarding various things and thought I'd better do it again so there is more chance of people reading and responding.






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