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Clutch Tank Cap - Capo Wiki - Metzeler Tourance EXP - Supermotard - Nickel & Dime and Mr Unlucky!

I have just replaced my clutch tank cap, because the rubber part of it has started deteriorating, and for the last few weeks I could see some clutch fluid weeping.
Which is fine, considering I am just about to reach the 25,000 miles mark.
The only thing that was a bit surprising, was that they sell the rubber part together with the metal top cap!!
It even includes the two screws if i remember correctly! ???

There is another project I have started, trying to have an online manual for the Capo.

Starter Relay - Lorenzo - Two Capos meet in traffic lights - Recommended Dealer Map

It's been some time since the last news that I've posted here, but I'm glad that my problem with the starter relay it was a very short-lived one.
I've got the replacement part in about a week's time, during which time the faulty one was working fine as well.
I've replaced it anyway, but I will try and see if something can be done, so it doesn't happen again.
Maybe a switch. or another starter relay with a fuse in it.
Thanks to the suggestions StuO.!

The Mysterious Starter Motor That Runs With No Key!!

It just happened to me as well tonight

Coming back from work, stopped for petrol (everything normal), rode 2 miles to get home, stopped, made a mistake to put the stand down while in gear, engine stopped.

Or almost stopped
Because I could hear the starter motor running !!!

Took the key out - NOTHING
Hit the kill switch - NOTHING
Hit the starter button to see if it was stuck - NOTHING
Put the key back and switched off - NOTHING
With the key on hit kill switch to ON - Engine Fired Up (Starter Motor Still Running!)

Took the fuses out from the dashboard - NOTHING

Caponord sounds

Thanks Artur.

A couple of new videos with the exhaust modification (drilled holes).

You can see them here:
40 sec Exhaust sound
and here:
9 minute ride to Ace Cafe

or head to Multimedia - Videos and they are probably somewhere in the top.

Glad to see more Aprilia Caponord videos.

I need to make myself put some videos there as well!!

Mugello Grand Prix

Another good day at the races for Aprilia today.

A win for Hector Faubel, in the 125 bringing the total wins to 95. Positions 1 to 4 were also Aprilias plus the fact that the unluckiest person of the season Mattia Pasini managed to finish 6th, even after leading the race for considerable time.

Again a similar result in the 250 where all podium positions where occupied with Aprilia riders!! First win for Alvaro Bautista, and total wins for Aprilia in the class 124.

Finally there was also the connection with Aprilia in the MotoGP, where Valentino Rossi won.

Rider Power 2007 survey

Every year RiDE magazine has a survey about bikes, dealers, clothing accessories etc.

Usually for all these years I have been subscribing to RiDE, there is only a small paragraph about Caponords, or even Pegasos in the results they have.

That's because not a lot of people are entering information about Caponords or Pegasos.

Maybe this year, if people are willing to fill the survey, we can have something more than a few lines describing how good the Caponord is.

Le Mans Grand Prix

Another two wins today for Aprilia!!
If only we could have the MotoGP bike back!

Gadea won the 125 race. Looking at the statistics on the MotoGP site Aprilia has 94 wins in second place behind Honda with 164 and in front of Yamaha with 47. Another 70 to go!!!

Lorenzo won the 250 race, and also provided some entertainment after his win!! Looking again at the statistics Aprilia has 123 wins behind Yamaha with 164 and Honda with 202 and in front of Kawasaki with 45. Only 41 for second position and 79 for first!!

Bike service

Just had my bike serviced last weekend.
That was my 5th service and the bike had 23437 miles.

It was a full service that included:
Oil and and Oil Filter change.
Air Filter change.
Spark plugs change.
Valve clearance inspection.
A pair of Metzeler Tourances.
The first MOT service.
Replacement of two front disks and pads (warranty).
Repair of bent centre stand.

The bike feels much better now, with brakes that work (at the moment), and tyres that I like much better than the Anakees that I had before.

Only an advisory notice in the MOT that was:

V5C Vehicle registration certificate

Just had a letter for renewing my tax today.
Inside there was a leaflet about the security feature of the vehicle registration certificate (V5C).
I cannot recall seeing this information before, so I thought, I'll post it here just in case other people haven't seen it also.
Note: This is only relevant to UK!

So in it they are describing two things to be careful about when buying a used bike (or vehicle).
First they are talking about making sure the DVL watermark is present.

"The watermark will be revealed by holding the document up to the light"

Events calendar

A new events calendar is now online.
If you have registered you can add events (rideouts), by using the Create content and then adding an Event.
Saved events will appear on the calendar in bold.
You can see the details by clicking on the date.

A couple of problems with the website.

First the ebay pages I believe they don't show the correct time remaining.
That depends on where you are.

Second if you want to add pictures in your Gallery, make sure you untick the 'create thumbnails now' option, so you don't have an error.

Working on them, so soon will have a solution.






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