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Capo valves - Capo ebay items - Coil poll - Aprilia Qatar

By Makis - Posted on 12 March 2008

An interesting story about the Caponord engine and more specific about the Capo valve clearance (thanks Dexter for sharing it):

one of my friends' capo was checked for valve clearance at 50(maybe 56000kms) for the first time (I didn't let him do the checks as the engine sounded good and any work by a hungarian aprilia mechanic is risky at best) so , at 50.000kms all the valves were within specs , one slightly off , but still well inside the limit. they set it , and on last friday they checked it again - at 82000kms - all the valves were perfectly at the center - no sign of wear at anywhere inside the engine , beautiful camshafts , everything like new . I guess this proves the reliability of the engine - and the bike - no
failures on his bike so far . perfect in every sense . no oil missing between changes , he always used synthetic

There is also a slight change in the website. You should be able to see a new section on the right called 'Caponord Ebay items', with little flags underneath it.
It serves the same purpose as the items on the left hand side under the Ebay header.
That is to make it easier to find Capo parts from Ebay.
Just hope that putting it on the front page and having the little flag icons, would make it a little bit easier to search.
Comments welcome :-)

There is also a new poll after Jeff has suggested a poll with coil failures in the caponordforum.
Hope that I don't get one now!!

Great result in the 125's in Qatar last weekend.
The first 17 positions were all Aprilia and Derbi machines. Four of them were Derbi, but considering that Aprilia makes their engines .... Gadea and Brandl got 1st and 3rd.
Very good result in the 250s as well.
Mr Unlucky 2007 Pasini managed to win his first ever race in 250's.
Only Pedrosa and Poggialli have ever done that before according to the statistics and then they went on to win the championship that year!
And again the 5 out of 7, including 1st and 2nd ,first bikes were Aprilia!
As for the MotoGP, great to see another ex Aprilia man, Lorenzo, finishing second.






Did you ever had any coil problems?
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