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100th win - mainstand - fires

By Makis - Posted on 02 September 2007

Special day today as Aprilia won the 100th gp in the 125s!!

And if you consider when they started racing that's a great achievement.
Good day today at Misano, as in the 125 there was a 1-2, and in the 250s it was 1-3!

In the meantime I had a service on the bike that has almost done 30k miles.
It's 29700 at the moment but will get over the 30000 very shortly.
Things that needed attention after my recent trip were.
New circlip on the left footpeg, as I lost the original one
New bolt on the side stand(?), since I've lost that one too, but didn't notice till a couple of days before the service.
Brakes, and clutch checked and adjusted and now seem fine.
I've also found out that the new centre stand I've replaced just before the trip, is shorter than the original one!
I don't mind so much, as the bike seems much more stable on it now.
Cannot turn the front or rear wheel while on it, but I think I can live with it!
There is also a slightly strange arrangement, that I cannot lift it up, unless I put the side stand down, but again I can live with that at the moment.

I will find some time again to start the description of my trip.
Had some strange time recently, as I've been to Greece (without the bike), and I had some experience of the worst forest fires that ever happened in Greece!
Especially since the worst one happened in my mother's village!
Very very sad..






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