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Attempted Bikejacking in St Helens

By Billonord - Posted on 18 January 2008

So on Wednesday I had occaision to go first to Birkenhead and then to St Helens to survey a couple of buildings. I decided to take a trip on the bike as the traffic would doubtlessly be awful and the weather was very wet with lots of flood water.
So the trip out was uneventful, although there were some floods and lots of standing water especially on the M60. The driest part of the trip was the Birkenhead Tunnel. Anyway, fast forward to St Helens and I'm looking for a car park entrance at the building I'm due to survey and end up round the back in a narrow lane.
As I'm making a feet up u turn a young hoodie wearing lad calls out to me. AsI stop anoter runs across from the other side of the road and tries to grab the ignition key and the sat nav.His greed meant that he got his hands tangled and got neither, the first lad grabbed hold of my arm and tried topull me off the bike.

Now I'm 6 foot, 16 stone and by now damned angry so he was on a loser. The bike was still in first and on ful lock. Handful of revs and a droppd clutch and youth one goes flying while youth two gets shoulder barged out of the way. This is the first time where I have dropped the clutch, allowed the bike to step out and rode through it - every other time I've whipped the clutch lever in and fuded my way around - isn't adrenalin, anger and intuition wonderful.

I shot to the other end of the road, then anger got the better of me, so I u turned and chased the little buggers down. They escaped by running into a pedestrian precint. I came to my better senses and found somewhere safe to park, did the job then hightailed it home.

So the moral of the storey is this. Keep your wits about you, don't drive into somewhere you can't drive out of and don't get distracted by 'friendly' oppertunistic youth in hoods!






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