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The Begining - Day 1 - 28 July 2007

By Makis - Posted on 18 August 2007

Well I have to start from somewhere, so here it goes.

Our P&O ferry leaves at 9 tonight but Saturday morning and we are still getting ready!
The plan is to leave around 3-4 pm.
Midday and leave some things last.
Go to Halfords to get some long tie wraps as I cannot find my old ones, and we have decided to take the roll bag, instead of the top box, that doesn't hold a lot of things!
I will try also to see if I can find a cigarette light adaptor for the TomTom Rider, as it doesn't seem to want to charge from the battery cable!

Get the tie wraps.
Maybe I'm lucky since today a Maplin store opens where I live!
I'm sure they have something for the TomTom.

Sure enough they have.
Get back in the car and try to see if it works with the TomTom...
The TomTom doesn't switch on!!
Panick again...
Maybe I'll go on the trip without it.

Get back home and make a quick phone call to Hein Gericke where I got it, if they have another one that they can replace it!
John in Dudley was very helpful. Didn't have one, but managed to persuade the guys in Birmingham to swap mine with theirs!!
It turns out that the base with the connectors wasn't working ok in my original one, since when I swapped both the unit and the base, it was working fine, and was getting charged from the bike's battery!!
Thanks John, you saved our lives :-)

With all these things happening not a lot of time to do any other preparation.
Fortunately, everything's was ready by my wife!!!

Leave home and arrive at Portsmouth about 7.
No rain at all in the way, but now that we got there it starts to drizzle.
Lots of bikes in the queue.
No movement after about an hour and now it starts to rain a lot.
All the bikers decide to take shelter in the small cafe.
There is an announcement there that the ferry won't be leaving before 11 !!!
Nice start to the holiday.
Of course at the last minute I have decided not to take the rain cover for the tankbag!
What for?
We are only going to Spain, Portugal and Morrocco.
It doesn't rain there, and today seemed a nice day in England!!
After about half an hour of soaking in the rain we decide to take the tankbag off and have it with us.
Ten minutes later, they call us to board the ferry.
Some of the bikers, decide to do some burnouts on the way to the ferry!!
And a lot of noise...

Anyway we are in now, it's probably about 10 o'clock at night, but we don't care anymore. It doesn't rain inside, we have something to eat, and sleep.
We will have the whole day tomorrow Sunday to decide what we are going to do since we didn't have any definitive plans yet.






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