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Buell 1125R - HD SSS - Preload Adjuster - ACF 50

By Makis - Posted on 20 January 2008

Just been reading the November 2007 issue of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure. There is a road test of the Buell 1125R.
The interesting part and the connection with the Caponord is the part that Alan Cathcart describes the engine that the new Buell is using and is made by Rotax.
If Piaggio hadn't bought Aprilia, it would seem very likely that the engine would be the one that a new Caponord would have.
Here's the excerpt from the test:
Although the new engine will remain exclusive to Buell, and was developed for them by Rotax in conjuction with their own engineers, there's an interesting sidebar to its creation. For Buell first canvassed Rotax to develop the Helicon motor for them four years ago, says 1125R project leader Tony Steffanelli - the exact moment when the Austrian company's prime European client Aprilia was about to go bust. This left Aprilia as ex-Rotax customers, especially after the Italian marque was acquired by Piaggio, who diverted development and manufacture of future Aprilia engines to its own Pontedera technical base. So, does this make the Buell 1125R motor the successor to the RSV-R that Rotax had already begun to develop for Aprilia?
"It's true - the Buell 1125R engine is the product of our experience with Aprilia in creating and developing the RSV Mille engine", says Rotax development chief Stefan Lieiber. "It's logical that we should have built on our experience in this field with them, in producing an improved design for Buell".
With a claimed output of 146bhp at 9800rpm, and 82ft-lb of torque delivered at 8000rpm, the Buell unit is both torquier and more powerful than the smaller 1000cc RSV-R motor. And on paper at least it has a near-diagonal power curve matched to an almost horizontal torque curve - exactly the kind of delivery that Buell has asked Rotax for ...

On the same issue on the test for the HD, there is a mention about two things that I found interesting.
The first one is about the rear indicators that are from LED and alternate between orange and red depending on whether they function as a turn signal, stop light, or light. Can't remember seeing that in another bike. Maybe in a car. That seems like a good idea.
Another interesting thing is the Smart Security System that they use :
.. a simple dial acting as the on/off switch, and a sender unit attached to a ring-fob that you store about your person. As soon as you get within five feet of the motorcycle, the sender automatically deactivates the immobiliser and disables the alarm siren, leaving you free to twist the switch and crank'er' up. Park up, turn the engine off and walk away, and the security system is activated as soon as you 're that magic five feet away. This is by some distance the simplest and most convenient security system yet fitted to any motorcycle....

And finally a couple of things about my Caponord. It's almost reached the 33K miles, and it will be time for a service soon. But probably before the service I will need to change the front disk pads. I've also noticed that the spoke nipples have started to show some signs of corrosion. I know that most of the people have the same problem, but this is the first winter since I got it, that I use it daily over the winter. For the moment I'm trying to see if the ACF50 spray would stop or improve the corrosion. So I've cleaned it, and applied the ACF50 on the spoke nipples. I'll see how it goes.
I've also noticed that my spring preload adjuster seems to be having some problems winding it out. It doesn't seem to be working when I'm winding it out from the position that I've normally have it. It seem to be ok winding it in (more preload) but not out. I've sprayed it with some WD40 left it a couple of turns out and will see what happens. I have the impression is the corrosion that caused that as well, as we had quite a bit of ice - salt - rain combination lately.






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