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Centrestand - Oil pressure switch - KTM 990 Adventure

By Makis - Posted on 22 July 2007

I finally replaced my broken centrestand with a new one.
And in doing that I've answered my previous question about the centrestand, and whether it should be touching the exhaust or not.
The new one doesn't touch the exhaust on any side!!
Which would probably explain the premature death of the previous stand!
I wish I knew if it was like that from the beginning or not!
The only other question I have now, although I've only had time to test it only once, is that I cannot use the centrestand when the sidestand is up!!
Which I'm sure it wasn't the case with the previous one.
I've also noticed that the new one seems to be easier to lift, but then maybe the first one was bent for some time and that was making it more difficult to lift the bike up.

And when I have finished with the centrestand, and the new rear tyre because of the puncture, and was returning home, the oil light together with the EF1 light came on!!
No power...
Was that really happening?
After three years with no problems whatsoever, the last few months, always something needs attention!!
Not that there is any way that I would be thinking about another bike (there is another story below for that!), but I just wish these things stop happening, especially as I'm going for a two week holiday next Saturday!!
Anyway, it seems that it was only the sensor that needed replacing, and everything seems fine again!!

Finally, because of this little problem, I had the chance to ride a KTM 990 Adventure for a couple of days!
My impression?
Well first of all it seemed like a powerfull pushbike compared to the Capo!!
Very thin, lower than the Rally Raid, and much much lighter!
Another impression that I had was that it felt very much like the 640 Adventure but with bigger engine!
Which I thought it's a bit strange, as I couldn't remember feeling the same with the Pegaso and the Caponord.
It also had more off road tyres, and when doing 20-30 mph it felt that there was a flat front tyre!
Seat was ok, not very hard as other KTM's but nothing like the Capo's.
Instrument panel? Again nothing like the Capo's. Anyone with eyesight less than 9/10 would struggle to see the information, apart from the speed!
The engine felt more free revving, but I wouldn't think there is any significant difference in acceleration.
For the injection, I think there are not a lot of things to say. Below 3k rpm it was an on-off switch, which doesn't help in traffic.
I cannot believe that owners wouldn't complain about it!
Capo's injection especially since they have updated the map, is super super smooth compared to the KTM.
I was also lucky(?) to have to ride it through the torrential rains last Friday, so the name was right at least!!
Plenty of chances for river(?) crossings..
So would I change the Capo for the KTM?
Absolutely not!!!
Maybe if I was riding 80-20 off road - on road, I would think about it, but in my riding, and especially for long motorway-A-B road travelling I believe the Capo is much better everywhere!!

P.S. I wish it would have been the orange one, as on a bleak day like last Friday, I had to ride a black bike :-(






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