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Centrestand - Reise-Know-How - Sachsenring

By Makis - Posted on 18 July 2007

My centrestand finally decided to follow the steps of the other small parts, that this year took a rest.
The full story about the centrestand is here.
I will probably replace it with another one, but if you have a centrestand and you reading this, please have a look and let me know if is supposed to touch the exhaust pipes or not!!
I am very curious.

On another note though, last year I have discovered by accident a very nice map by a company called Reise-Know-How, in Germany.
It was the only very nice map I could find for Romania.
It's waterproof and looks very nice with a lot of detail.
This year I've been trying to see if I could another similar map for Spain, that I will be going shortly.
I've found a few places that sell these maps, but I've also discovered that for some of the countries, the maps are sold as Rough Guide maps!
Anyway, whoever is interested have a look here.
I've always used the Michelin maps, but I think I prefer these.
And yes I do have a GPS, but I prefer to have maps as well :-)
And by the way if anyone has any suggestion, tip about Southern Spain let me know!

Finally, a good weekend in Sachsering for the 125s. Another two wins to get to the 100 mark!!!
Not so good in the 250, though, but still Aprilia leads in both the 125 and 250s!!






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