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Clutch Tank Cap - Capo Wiki - Metzeler Tourance EXP - Supermotard - Nickel & Dime and Mr Unlucky!

By Makis - Posted on 24 June 2007

I have just replaced my clutch tank cap, because the rubber part of it has started deteriorating, and for the last few weeks I could see some clutch fluid weeping.
Which is fine, considering I am just about to reach the 25,000 miles mark.
The only thing that was a bit surprising, was that they sell the rubber part together with the metal top cap!!
It even includes the two screws if i remember correctly! ???

There is another project I have started, trying to have an online manual for the Capo.
The biggest difference from the printed (or CD) manual would be the facility to search, and also have some comments on it.
If you feel curious about it head here, and have a look.

I have just seen an article about the new Metzeler Tourance EXP tyres.
They are supposed to have a lightweight carcass to improve manoeuvrability, and a revised tread pattern that will increase contact patches on front and rear, and drain water faster as well as reduce road noise.
It should be available at the end of June, at least in the article as I couldn't find any information in Metzeler's website, and it would probably cost around £190 for a pair.
There is a phone to ring 0845 609 4949, and the website Metzeler.
I have to wait for somebody else to try them, as I've changed my tyres about a month ago (to Metzeler Tourance)!!

Also in the same newspaper, there is an article about the new 4 stroke Aprilia Engine, the Shiver and a supermotard first with a 750 engine and then with a 1200 engine.
No mention about a Capo replacement, but my guess is that is not going to be long before that happens.

Finally in the Nickel & Dime GP, apart from a lot of rain there were some good and some bad news.
Good news that in the 125's, Aprilia got 1st and 3rd position, and Mr Unlucky 2007 won the race!!
Bad news in the 250, Aprilia only managed 2nd position, and it's been quite some time that they only had one bike in the first eight positions!
By the way, why did they change the 125's to race at the end of the program?
Congestion, maybe, as everyone was leaving after the MotoGP, and the access in Donington is not the best in the world?






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