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Events calendar

By Makis - Posted on 03 May 2007

A new events calendar is now online.
If you have registered you can add events (rideouts), by using the Create content and then adding an Event.
Saved events will appear on the calendar in bold.
You can see the details by clicking on the date.

A couple of problems with the website.

First the ebay pages I believe they don't show the correct time remaining.
That depends on where you are.

Second if you want to add pictures in your Gallery, make sure you untick the 'create thumbnails now' option, so you don't have an error.

Working on them, so soon will have a solution.

P.S. Just noticed that the yahoo forum doesn't keep the information when you login, so you probably have to first login in yahoo and then be able to see it here, which is a waste of time :-(
It works fine with all the other forums though. If you login once in the same computer, it keeps the information so you don't have to login again. I have been using it for a few weeks now, and I'm also posting to the forum from this website here :-).






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