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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here you should be able to find frequently asked questions, problems, tips etc.
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Starter motor running after taking the key out!! IMPORTANT
If the starter motor keeps running after turning the ignition off, here's what to do:
2. Don't waste anytime taking out fuses, checking switches or anything else!
4. Get straight to the battery by taking the seat off.
5. Disconnect the NEGATIVE terminal first.
6. Disconnect the POSITIVE SECOND!
7. The starter motor should have stopped by now!
8. If it doesn't ... PANIC...

The reason is that the starter motor relay is connected straight to the starter motor, and when the contacts are stuck closed there is a mechanical contact that provides the starter motor with current (Thanks Stu for posting the info on the forum).
Disconnect the starter relay and check with an ohmmeter (voltmeter) to see if there is a resistance between the terminals.
If there is no resistance then the contacts are open again. Connect it back and should be ok, but replace it as soon as possible as it may happen again.
If there is some resistance (a few ohms), then you cannot use it!

Can I change my temperature display from F to C?
No, as far as we know because it is set on the factory.

What are the options for automatic chain oilers?
The options available are:
Scottoiler. Website here, and installation instructions here
Pro-oiler. Website here

What are the options for headlight protection?
There is the official Aprilia headlight protection,
and there is a headlight cover protection from Skidmarx.

What are the options for radiator protection?
There is the Touratech option,
the Mike's Grill option, and
quite a few people are using a DIY option.

Resetting the SERVICE indicator

  • Remove the seat
  • On the left hand side (as you face the bars) near the battery you will find two connectors, male and female. The female connector has two grey wires and the male has a blue/green wire. Connecting these two together puts the onboard computer into diagnostic mode. Connect these together, noting their original position for later.
  • Turn on the ignition but don't start the engine.
  • On the right hand instrument panel, "EF1" will now display above the MODE button.
  • Press and hold the MODE button.
  • While still pressing the MODE button, press and hold the SET button.
  • Keep both buttons pressed until the "SERVICE" indicator disappears (seems like a long time, 10+seconds).
  • Turn off the ignition.
  • Disconnect the diagnostic connectors and place them in their original position (second step).
  • Turn ignition back on to verify "SERVICE" indicator is out and panel displays normally.
  • Replace seat.
  • (thanks Todd)

    Information contained in the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

    ZD4 PS C0 0 # Y 0 000000
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

    1) Manufacturer's identification alphanumeric code.
    2) Vehicle type.
    3) Model.
    4) Country for which the vehicle is intented.
    5) # = Check digit number.
    6) Model year.
    7) Assembly factory designation
    8) Sequential serial number.

    Technical Data

    Alternative Champion RA4HC
    Spark plug gap 0.6 - 0.7 mm
    Resistance 5 KOhm
    ELECTRIC SYSTEM Battery 12 V - 12 Ah
    Main fuses 30 A
    Secondary fuses 15A
    Generator 12 V - 470 W
    TYRES Front 110/80 R 19
    Rear 150/70 R 17






    Did you ever had any coil problems?
    Yes with coil 1
    Yes with coil 2
    Yes with coil 3
    Yes with coil 4
    Total votes: 8