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Glasgow - Bearings - Assen

By Makis - Posted on 11 July 2007

Quite a few new ideas at the moment, and a lot of things to work on but not enough time.

Have been to Glasgow a couple of weeks ago for a basketball tournament.
And then the incident with the airport happened!
Glad to had travelled on the car as a plane was an option.
Although was stopped by the police on the way out of Glasgow on Sunday afternoon.
Maybe it didn't help the fact that they were four blokes on a car, and three of them quite tall !!

Back to the bike issues.
It seems I'm having quite a few things happening, since I've told another fellow Capo rider (hi Steve :-) ), that I had my Capo for three years without any problems!
Latest was the fact that one of the front wheel bearings, decided it was time to expose its internals to the outside world after 25373 miles!
Went to replace it, everything was fine, till Paul the service manager, was about to push the bike out!
Then he noticed that I had a quite nice silver screw embedded on my rear tyre :-(
Back in the workshop and repair!!
Maybe it was because I was thinking of trying out the new Metzeler Tourances!!

And finally a very good weekend in Assen.
In the 125 first five places were Aprilias, and Mr Unlucky 2007 got another victory.
And in the 250 the first three podium places were all Aprilias, .. which was nice.
Another 3 wins in the 125 to reach 100!!
126 wins in the 250s but maybe won't be able to reach Yamaha's 164, if the rumours about dicontinuing 250s after 2009 is going to happen.






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