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Le Mans Grand Prix

By Makis - Posted on 20 May 2007

Another two wins today for Aprilia!!
If only we could have the MotoGP bike back!

Gadea won the 125 race. Looking at the statistics on the MotoGP site Aprilia has 94 wins in second place behind Honda with 164 and in front of Yamaha with 47. Another 70 to go!!!

Lorenzo won the 250 race, and also provided some entertainment after his win!! Looking again at the statistics Aprilia has 123 wins behind Yamaha with 164 and Honda with 202 and in front of Kawasaki with 45. Only 41 for second position and 79 for first!!

I still believe it's amazing how many wins Aprilia have considering their size against the other companies, and when they started!

Mugello next!!






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