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Main stands - Farenheit to Celcius - 33333 miles

By Makis - Posted on 05 February 2008

As I have previously mentioned here, last summer I had to replace my centre stand because mine was bent.
When I did replace it, it seemed a bit strange and different from the one I used to have before.
After some searching in the apriliaforum I found the reason why.
It seems that they are two different main stands for the Caponord. One for the normal Caponord and a second for the Rally Raid.
As my Caponord is the Rally Raid, and since my dealer decided to fit the centre stand of the normal Caponord, I had some difficulty in the beginning to use them.
I believe that I've found the correct(!) procedure to use it now, so if anyone ever comes to the same situation (ie Rally Raid with normal Caponord main stand), here what you have to do:

1. When you stop put the bike on the side stand
2. Get off and put it in the main stand
3. Lift the side stand up
4. When you get on the bike to leave again, put the side stand down before getting the bike from the main stand (this is really important!!)
5. With the side stand down, lift the bike from the main stand, and you should be ready to go :-)

It's really important the sequence that you do the above steps, because if you don't then you would have a problem with the two stands getting in each other's way!! The normal centre stand seems to be a bit smaller than the Rally Raid.

And another tip for people who want to know the temperature in Celsius as is the normal in most of the countries, instead of Farenheit that Aprilia decided to fit in the UK (and USA?) models.
I just use it every day, and hope that keeps some of my brain cells alive :-)
So, here it is:
Always start from 32F which is 0C.
Each 5 degrees Celsius is 9 Farenheit.
Each 10 degrees Celsius is 18 Farenheit and so on..
So if you see 50 in your clock, substract 32 to get 18 and then you know is 10 degrees Celsius.
59 is 15 etc.

As about the Capo itself, it's almost 33333 miles now (it will happen tomorrow morning going to work)!!!
And the service is getting closer, which is a good thing as it seems by brake pads are getting to their end of their life.
Last time I've changed them was in the previous service, which seems quite good if I compare it with how often some people replace them.
By the way, still on the original chain and sprockets, thanks to the Scottoiler.






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