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The Mysterious Starter Motor That Runs With No Key!!

By Makis - Posted on 07 June 2007

It just happened to me as well tonight

Coming back from work, stopped for petrol (everything normal), rode 2 miles to get home, stopped, made a mistake to put the stand down while in gear, engine stopped.

Or almost stopped
Because I could hear the starter motor running !!!

Took the key out - NOTHING
Hit the kill switch - NOTHING
Hit the starter button to see if it was stuck - NOTHING
Put the key back and switched off - NOTHING
With the key on hit kill switch to ON - Engine Fired Up (Starter Motor Still Running!)

Took the fuses out from the dashboard - NOTHING
Took the back seat out and removed the other fuses - NOTHING
Started to take the front seat out to get to the battery - by which time the battery had enough and just stopped !!!!
Just about the right time as well as I could smoke coming out from the front of the engine

After spending a couple of hours disconnecting one thing at the time and checking with an ohmmeter, i just remembered!

I've seen that before, in the AF1 Forum , and I've heard it first hand from Steve I believe!!

So coming back and checking the problem was obvious as well as the explanation (Thanks Stu ).

When I took the starter relay out and checked it, it was fine!!

So I put everything back, tried it a couple of times and it works ok.
I know I shouldn't trust it now, so I hope to be able to get a new one tomorrow!!

So for a start for anyone else I've put something here:
so you don't spend any time trying to figure out what it is and get straight to the battery!!!

As a second thought, I was thinking if it would be possible to have a switch or a fuse somewhere in line so when it happens again it would be possible to stop the supply!
I remember having to change the starter relay in my Pegaso once, but this was with the contacts stuck open, so it simply wouldn't start.
But as the chances are 50% that if the relay goes, then the starter motor would stick working, I think it would be a good idea to do something about it instead of relying in the reliability of the relay!!

And finally has anyone else have any suggestion for a better quality(?) aftermarket relay?
I know about the AF1 one, but UK preferred as I would need it very soon..

P.S. Steve haven't heard from you for some time. How's your Capo?






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