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New items

By Makis - Posted on 17 April 2007

A few more things added to the website.

For starters there is another section in the Multimedia menu, called Videos (other bikes), and as you can guess it's just videos with bikes other than Caponords.
There are only two videos with Caponords at the moment in youtube, so until we have more I thought we could have other bikes.

Also there is another poll, about your installed oil/water radiator protection, if you have any.
You can vote in the usual way, and also you can access the only other poll at the moment (tyres) by using the link that says Older polls at the bottom of the current one.

Finally there are a couple of fields about current miles or kilometres that you have covered on your Caponord. You can find it in:
My account -> Edit -> Bike information.
You can write your current miles or kilometres, and if we have enough people using it, we can have a top 5 (or top 10 or....).

I would like to remind you, that if anyone wants to add something, or you have any difficulties using any part of the website, please let me know by using the contact on the top left.






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