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Questions needing answers

By Billonord - Posted on 13 November 2007

I'm very new to this technical stuff. anyway, i posted a reply to 7 capos in settle regarding various things and thought I'd better do it again so there is more chance of people reading and responding.

So i bought my capo Raid in October 03 in Sheffield, and have only done around 12000 miles on it. failures to date have been the dashboard died but was replaced under warranty, the bike was recalled for the forks, but not the chain and sprockets issue. Did that recall apply to Raids? i have fitted a Scotoiler touring kit to it, mounting the touring tank on one of the stays for the panniers.

I have been trying to find a tin topbox to match the panniers since the day I bought it, the local dealer always said they were unobtainable, but I noticed there was a raid on the settle run with a suitable top box. I'd like details of that if possible.

I had it recently serviced at an independant bike shop, mainly because I fell out with the local dealer. this feller was around £100 cheaper than the dealer, although he didn't re connect the fuel line properly. I don't have any trouble with the plastic fule line unions but note that our American cousins had a recall on them. has anyone else had any bother with them?

Anyroad, i'll have to sort out some pictures to post here. Looking forward to some useful information







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