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Rider Power 2007 survey

By Makis - Posted on 31 May 2007

Every year RiDE magazine has a survey about bikes, dealers, clothing accessories etc.

Usually for all these years I have been subscribing to RiDE, there is only a small paragraph about Caponords, or even Pegasos in the results they have.

That's because not a lot of people are entering information about Caponords or Pegasos.

Maybe this year, if people are willing to fill the survey, we can have something more than a few lines describing how good the Caponord is.

So for anyone wishing to take part, and I believe that countries other than the UK can take part, as I have discovered when I was filling out mine, here's the link:

Rider Power 2007

P.S. My only connection with the magazine is that I am a subscriber since issue 1, and that they have let me put articles from their magazine in the website.






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