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Shiver - Ride - Service Intervals - Aprilia engine

By Makis - Posted on 04 October 2007

Just been going through and reading some old issues of RiDE, now that summer's over, and I was reading the August 2007 issue.
There is a test of the Aprilia Shiver in it.
What I found was interesting was the fact that the article was claiming that the new engine should have a service interval of 12500 miles!

Here's the text from RiDE:

Building their own engine means Aprilia will be able to meet all the needs they have for a range of bikes using the same motor.
The spec claims 95bhp at the crank bu Piero (Spatti) says it will make about 88bhp at the wheel. That makes it 8bhp or so down on Kawasaki's 07 Z750. Not bad at all. Aprilia say they will be making a sportier version, with more power, later in the year.
Another benefit of this engine is that service intervals are few and far between. Aprilia engineers say it only needs servicing every 12,500 miles. And that includes oil changes. We would change the oil more often than that, but the intervals should mean considerably lower service costs. BW - RiDE

That would be very nice in the new Capo !! :-)

And here's another little graph from the same RiDE issue about the most powerful trailbikes.






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