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Tesco-Esso-Heated Grips

By Makis - Posted on 25 October 2007

Just reached 31600 miles recently.

I have recently started using Esso petrol, as for some reason last time I've filled up the bike seemed to be running a little bit smoother. Maybe it had something to do with the weather as well, but I will keep filling up with Esso at the moment. I used to go to Tesco or Shell before. I always had the impression that the Shell was better than Tesco as well. Who knows maybe it's all in my mind(?).

Just realised yestereday that the Max position in my heated grips only warms up the right hand side grip. The Min position seems to be fine, but I'll check again. Something for the weekend maybe.

Last weekend have been to the Weston Super Mare beach race. Plenty of people, expensive tickets, but nice day out. Will try and post some pictures as well, especially since the place I've been watching it from, was a place with major traffic congestion(!!) at times, so much so, that they had to finish the race 30 minutes earlier!!






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