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Thank you

By Makis - Posted on 09 April 2007

Well, first of all thank you to all the people that made comments about the website!
Thanks also to the people that have created their accounts, and I hope you find something useful.

Although it's been a bit busy because of the holiday, I have managed to add a couple more items in the faq section, one more item for downloading (scottoiler instructions), and also added a gallery section that people can add their own photos (as long as they have registered first).
I have quickly put some of my own photos there, and will try to upload some more.

We also have managed to get 5 votes for the Tyre thread!
Is that because they are some other tyres that are missing?
If anyone wants me to add some more tyre brands in there please let me know!

Me personally I have used the Tourance and Anakees, and my impressions are that:
a) the Tourances lasted longer, and
b) they felt more stable and better handling
I was also thinking about trying out the Pirellis, but I would probably going back to the Tourances.

Anyway, that's all for now.
As I have mentioned before, please let me know about any improvements, ideas, suggestions or whatever else you can think of.






Did you ever had any coil problems?
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