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V5C Vehicle registration certificate

By Makis - Posted on 10 May 2007

Just had a letter for renewing my tax today.
Inside there was a leaflet about the security feature of the vehicle registration certificate (V5C).
I cannot recall seeing this information before, so I thought, I'll post it here just in case other people haven't seen it also.
Note: This is only relevant to UK!

So in it they are describing two things to be careful about when buying a used bike (or vehicle).
First they are talking about making sure the DVL watermark is present.

"The watermark will be revealed by holding the document up to the light"

The second is a Warning/Advice about some stolen DVLA documents:

"Please check the serial number that appears at the top right corner of the Registration Certificate.
If it bears the prefix BG and falls within the range BG9167501 to BG9190500 it is a stolen document and you are advised
not to purchase the vehicle.
If you buy a vehicle that has a stolen V5C, apart from other problems you may face, you may have no claim on that vehicle.
You may lose both the vehicle and the money you paid for it!"






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