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By Makis - Posted on 30 March 2007

You may think why another caponord site?
Don't we already have quite a few of them around?
Yes we do have a few of them, although not as many as we should, in my opinion!
But that's the problem I had.
I had to look around in a couple of forums and a few other sites, to find out about my bike.

So why not have one site that brings as many of the other sites together in one place?
And that's the reason for the creation of this site.

I hope that maybe other people were having the same problem, so hopefully this site will grow with your help to become a place to look for information.
The idea is not to stop using the other sites, but use them from here.
At least that's what I will be doing.

Anyway, enough talk.
Please start using the website and let me know about your comments, ideas and everything else you want to share.

Maybe this first blog, inspires people to start writing about their experiences with the caponord (travel stories maybe?).

Keep safe.






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