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Crazy Speedo - Aprilia Dakar 2009

By Makis - Posted on 15 January 2009

Happy and Safe New Year !

It's been some time now that I haven't written anything here, but I haven't been able to use my Capo since the end of December.
Nothing wrong with it I should add, but it was a combination of holidays, and bad weather!

Starting back to work last week, I've made the decision to use the public transport (train), as the weather was very icy and cold.
I was very glad that I did, as last Thursday on the road I use every day to come to work, there was a fatal accident.

Anyway, the weather seems a little bit better now, and it's certainly not that icy any more.

Yesterday, going home I've noticed that my speedo was acting very strange!
Doing more than 160mph standing on the traffic lights?
Or trying to decide if was doing 30,40, or 100 in a space of a few seconds?
Although this was not the first time that it happened (once more before Christmas), it lasted all the way back home (25miles)...
Had a few different explanations going over in my head (bad connection in dashboard, rear break pads too worn out, battery connection..)
So last night when I parked I decided to squirt some WD40 in the rear wheel speed sensor.

Guess what?
This morning going to work, the speedo started going crazy for the first 5 minutes, doing that even while the bike was warming up, but after that it was fine!
I suppose having washed it a few months ago doesn't help :-)
But the idea was not to wash it a lot this winter to avoid corrosion.....

As for the Aprilia and the Dakar 2009, as I am following the Dakar in Eurosport, I was very dissappointed not to see an Aprilia 450 in the race.
Especially as they have done really well in the Pharaohs Rally, and seeing that there is a lonely 450 Yamaha, which is actually 2nd in the standings!

Doing a quick search about it, I came across the following post, about a privateer that was going to enter in last year's Dakar:






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