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Dorsoduro magazine test - Aprilia news

By Makis - Posted on 15 June 2008

Almost all the UK bike magazines have by now a test of the Dorsoduro.
One of the more interesting ones have appeared in the current issue, July 2008, of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure, by Alan Cathcart.
There are some news about future Aprilia developments, which would be relevant fot the Caponord successor.
Here's the section of the article referring to the news(?):

...Still, what's done is done, and the 750 Dorsoduro is now in dealerships as a significant marker for where Aprilia goes from here.For you don't need to be clairvoyant to see that this is the base model of the maxi motard concept, and quite apart from the 1200cc equivalent due as a 2009 model, we can expect Aprilia to develop two other 750cc versions positioned either side of this one -one a full-on streetfighter with cast wheels and more aggressive looks, the other a street enduro with 21in front wheel, providing a counter to the new BMW F800GS. The Dorsoduro is one more block in the building set that Piaggio is commited to constructing to make Aprilia great again at world level. And there's lot more to come.

Unfortunately I've missed the chance this weekend to test ride it, as my dealer was having an open Aprilia day, but I hope to be able to do that soon, and should be really nice after riding the Shiver.
I suppose that quite a few dealers around the UK, will be offering test rides, so if anyone gets the chance it would be nice to share their views here.

In the meantime, I have ordered the replacement for my Capo's rear shock absorber. There was a bit of a confusion regarding the price, and if you were to order it as OEM replacement, or an accessory, but will soon find out.
I will also be having another service before the summer holiday in August.
As for the trip this year it seems likely it will be in Slovenia and Croatia.






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