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Full service - KTM Duke 3 - Edward's save

By Makis - Posted on 09 April 2008

Got the bike back from the last full service last Friday.
It was the time that I finally had to replace my original chain and sprockets after doing 34500 miles.
The chain itself was ok but the front sprocket needed replacing so I thought it was better to replace all of them together.
I think it has done pretty decent mileage, and I'm pretty sure is down to the Scottoiler that I fitted when I got the bike, almost 4 years ago.
They had also replaced both front and rear brake pads, changed oil and filter, and replaced clutch and break fluids.
I will be having an MOT early in May, and before I do that the head bearings will need replacing as well as fitting an interim front tyre, till probably July when I'm going to replace both of them.
They have also said that my left front disk would get me an 'advisory warning' when the MOT time comes, since it's become very loose.
That's because the little round metal discs that prevent the disc from rattling and hold it in place have worn out. As Aprilia doesn't supply only these as a part, I would have to see if Brembo does.
I've also seem to remember a solution that involved parts from CD's invented by Tokidoki in the ApriliaForum.
It also seems that the bike has started using a little bit of oil between services. It is probably half the distance from the Max to the Min marker in the oil level tube. They said that is nothing to worry about at the moment, but I will have to keep my eye on it.
Finally my rear shock absorber, as I've mentioned some time ago, seems that it doesn't adjust anymore from the remote preload knob. The shock itself seems to be working fine at the moment and there are no leaks, so I guess that the adjuster has been stuck in one position!
Have to investigate a bit further.

While I had the bike in the garage I had the chance to get a KTM Duke 3 for the day.
My impressions?
Nice engine, much better fuel injection than the KTM Adventure 990 I have tried some time ago.
Big difference in the wind protection of course, especially after the Capo, as after 70-80 you have the impression that you going to lift off the bike!
Very quick steering, as expected, and almost like a push bike as it feels very very light.
Very nice brakes as well.
As for the seat, very weird shape for the passenger(!!) and compared again to the Capo very hard.
Nice for commuting, in town, and having fun with a supermoto but definitely not very comfortable for any distance work.
Would be nice to try the Dorsudoro, but they didn't have it yet.
They do have the Stelvio, by the way, which I think it's very very ugly and quite expensive.

Finally although it wasn't a very good weekend last weekend for Aprilia in the GP, it was worth watching for the Edward's save on qualifying on Saturday.
Pretty sure he used his elbows to lift the bike up !!!
Worth watching.






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