Count down to Florida

Only seven more days till its time for the Florida trip

Raleigh to Boston

Here in the states I recently did a little trip for memorial day from Raleigh North Carolina to Boston Massachusetts, a little trip 1620 miles in 6 days about 2592 kilometers, I must say my butt was tired by the time I got home.

Back on the road

Back on the road again with the Capo after a few months.

The current mileage is 48K miles at the moment and hopefully soon will get over the 50K.

Had my first coil replacement. Also changed the speedo as it was not always working recently.

Have to do a weekly commute of 180 miles each way at the moment, so the miles will be soon adding up.
Using motorways for the commute which takes about 3 hours and it can be done in one tank full of petrol which is great.
Thinking of trying it using A and B roads which according to Tom Tom should be 4h and 50 minutes.

Instrument cluster failure - dead clocks

A few weeks ago I decided to replace the battery as it was pretty tired and had left me stranded. I bought a good aftermarket battery and then followed the instructions in the workshop manual scrupulously in the order of disconnection/reconnection. When I turned the ignition back on I found the insrument cluster had died: no speedo, tacho, warning lights, indicator repeater, engine lights. The only things working were the sidestand warning, neutral and oil pressure lights. The engine still started and ran fine but trying to ride without getting nicked is... problematic.

Caponord in Top 10 of RiDE's RiDER POWER 2009

Just noticed in an older copy of RiDE's RIDER POWER 2009 that the Caponord was inside the top 10 bikes for Gearboxes and in fact in the sixth place.

Here's the table:

1. Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade (08 on) 4.46
2 Kawasaki ZX10R Ninja 4.44
3. Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade (04-07) 4.38
4. Suzuki GSX-R1000 K5-K6 4.33
5. Suzuki GSX-R1000 K7-K8 4.32
6. Aprilia ETV1000 Caponord 4.30
7. Kawasaki 1400GTR 4.28
8. Suzuki GSX-R600 K6 4.22

First Aprilia Dakar stage win by Fransisco Lopez

First ever Dakar stage win for Aprilia by Fransisco Lopez (his second stage win), which also takes him second in the overall standings!!

Read the story here

Dakar 2010 - Aprilia

Five Aprilia entries in this year's Dakar.

And it seems that they are doing fine at the moment.

Lopez Cantardo
Paolo Ceci
Alessandro Zannoti
Guell Farres
Remo Pini

Code color

Its my first time here. I´m a proud owner of a Caponord 2003 with lots of good moments.
But now I need to do some paintings.
Does anyone can help with code colors?
My model is the dark grey 2003.
Many thanks

RiDER POWER 2009 - Aprilia Caponord

In this month's issue of RiDE (November 2009), the Caponord made it in 22nd position in the top 100 bikes.

The details were:

Brakes: 3
Build quality: 4
Controls: 4
Dealers: 3
Engine: 4
Gearbox: 4
Handling/suspension: 4
Headlight: 4
Maintenance: 4
Mirrors: 4
Pillion comfort: 4
Reliability: 4
Rider comfort: 5
Running costs: 4
Wind protection: 4

Overall score 82.08%

Coming in that position it came higher than:

Suzuki DL650 V-Strom 2004-current 98th position 66.63%
Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom 2002-current 92th position 71.78%

RiDE 'Find Me The Right... Roadgoing Trailie'

One more mention of the Caponord in the July 2009 RiDE magazine, in the article 'Bike Chooser : Find me the right.. roadgoing trailie'.

There were 5 different price ranges (£1500,£2000,£3000,£4000+,New).
The Caponord appeared under the £3000 section and under the category:






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