Insurance Renewal

Last week as each time every year I received my insurance renewal quote.

I have been using the same company(ebike) for the last few years, which I think goes back to 2006.

The renewal insurance quote was for £117.50, for insuring both bikes (Capo and a 98 Pegaso) with TPFT.

Today after some thinking I've decided to renew with the same company as the quote seemed reasonable enough, and didn't want to spend a lot of time trying to get different quotes.

RiDE 'Find me the right .. Italian Twin'

One more mention of the Caponord in the May 2009 RiDE magazine, in the article 'Bike Chooser : Find me the right.. italian twin'.

There were 5 different price ranges (£2000,£3000,£4000,£5000+,New).
The Caponord appeared under the £3000 section and under the category:

RiDE 'The 57 Best Value Bikes In Britain Today'

Taken from RiDE's Spring 2009 issue and the article about the 57 Best Value Bikes in Britain today:

UK Caponord Used Prices

Taken from December 2008 RiDE's 'Buying Power' section which is taken from the Parker's Guide, this is a list with used prices for the Capo:

YP: Year/Plate
DLR: Dealer Price. The top money you should pay for a low-mileage, good condition bike at a dealer. If it's not mint, it's not worth any more than this.
PRG: Private Good Price. Best price you should expect to change hands privately for a mint bike with not many miles on the clock.

Crazy Speedo - Aprilia Dakar 2009

Happy and Safe New Year !

It's been some time now that I haven't written anything here, but I haven't been able to use my Capo since the end of December.
Nothing wrong with it I should add, but it was a combination of holidays, and bad weather!

Starting back to work last week, I've made the decision to use the public transport (train), as the weather was very icy and cold.
I was very glad that I did, as last Thursday on the road I use every day to come to work, there was a fatal accident.

Anyway, the weather seems a little bit better now, and it's certainly not that icy any more.

Headlight woes

Recently bought a second hand Capo and on the whole am loving it. The only annoyance so far is the auto lights on. Is there any way of retrofitting a light switch so that I have control of when the lights are on?

Pharaohs rally - Aprilia RXV 450 Africa

Very good result for the three Aprilia RXV 450 Africas in their first desert race.
Third overall, first in category and all three finished in the top 11 places.
What's equally important was the reliability of the bikes.
It would have been nice to see them in the Paris - Dakar!

RiDER POWER 2008 - Aprilia Caponord

Just received the RiDER POWER 2008 yesterday, and it was great to see, probably for the first time, the Caponord listed in it!

Which means that enough owners this year filled the survey!

The Caponord was on position 79 out of 173 entries with an overall score of 80.50%.

In more detail it had:

Build quality: 2
Brakes: 2
Controls: 4
Dealer: 0
Engine: 4
Gearbox: 4
Handling/suspension: 3
Headlight: 5
Maintenance: 3
Mirrors: 5
Pillion comfort: 5
Reliability: 2
Rider comfort: 4
Running costs: 3
Wind protection: 3

Dorsoduro magazine test - Aprilia news

Almost all the UK bike magazines have by now a test of the Dorsoduro.
One of the more interesting ones have appeared in the current issue, July 2008, of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure, by Alan Cathcart.
There are some news about future Aprilia developments, which would be relevant fot the Caponord successor.
Here's the section of the article referring to the news(?):

Shiver - Oil leak - Dorsoduro

Had the chance to ride the Shiver for a day when my Capo was in for the MOT.
Nice bike, very light, the fly by wire throttle response is very fast and quite nice.
Very nice touches around the bike.
One of them is that the lights are not fully on before you start the bike.
There is only the small parking light on when you turn the switch on, and a few second after you start the bike up the dipped beam comes on.
Nice idea, and I wish I could do it in the Capo.






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