Dorsoduro web site - Shiver article - 35000 miles

There is a new website about Aprilia's Dorsoduro, with videos and information.
According to the email the Dorsoduro, has been ridden by journalists, so tests will soon be appearing in the press.
There is also a form for requesting a test drive when it becomes available.

UK MOT online

I've been recently trying to find my last MOT, to see when it expires.
I couldn't find it, but then I remembered seeing something about the MOT records being online with the new DVLA Computerisation.

It turns out that you can use a form online provided that you have the vehicle registration number and the Document Reference Number from your V5C Registration Certificate.
It will then show you:

Full service - KTM Duke 3 - Edward's save

Got the bike back from the last full service last Friday.
It was the time that I finally had to replace my original chain and sprockets after doing 34500 miles.
The chain itself was ok but the front sprocket needed replacing so I thought it was better to replace all of them together.
I think it has done pretty decent mileage, and I'm pretty sure is down to the Scottoiler that I fitted when I got the bike, almost 4 years ago.
They had also replaced both front and rear brake pads, changed oil and filter, and replaced clutch and break fluids.

Capo valves - Capo ebay items - Coil poll - Aprilia Qatar

An interesting story about the Caponord engine and more specific about the Capo valve clearance (thanks Dexter for sharing it):

RSV 4 - Bike licence - First no start

The new Aprilia RSV bike is unveiled in Milan.
Read all the information by clicking on the picture above.
New V4 engine that will enter the 2009 Superbikes.
Would be nice to see another one entering the MotoGP, as well :-)

Big celebration last week, as my wife got her bike licence !!!
Now if I can find a way to make the Pegaso lower and get it back on the road!

RiDE magazine RiDER POWER 2007 And Aprilia Dealers

Just being going over the recent RiDER POWER 2007 in RiDE magazine, and having a look at the Aprilia dealer standings.
The best Aprilia dealer is in position 41 in the UK, with an overall rating of 74.68%.
The scoring for the rating was from:
Overall impression, price, sales service, range, workshop and courtesy bike.

The first dealer (which was a dealer from the other European manufacturer ;-) ) had a score of 92.48%.

It just shows something that most of us, at least in the UK, we already knew, about the Aprilia dealers.
Not the best service !

Main stands - Farenheit to Celcius - 33333 miles

As I have previously mentioned here, last summer I had to replace my centre stand because mine was bent.
When I did replace it, it seemed a bit strange and different from the one I used to have before.
After some searching in the apriliaforum I found the reason why.
It seems that they are two different main stands for the Caponord. One for the normal Caponord and a second for the Rally Raid.
As my Caponord is the Rally Raid, and since my dealer decided to fit the centre stand of the normal Caponord, I had some difficulty in the beginning to use them.

Buell 1125R - HD SSS - Preload Adjuster - ACF 50

Just been reading the November 2007 issue of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure. There is a road test of the Buell 1125R.
The interesting part and the connection with the Caponord is the part that Alan Cathcart describes the engine that the new Buell is using and is made by Rotax.
If Piaggio hadn't bought Aprilia, it would seem very likely that the engine would be the one that a new Caponord would have.
Here's the excerpt from the test:

Attempted Bikejacking in St Helens

So on Wednesday I had occaision to go first to Birkenhead and then to St Helens to survey a couple of buildings. I decided to take a trip on the bike as the traffic would doubtlessly be awful and the weather was very wet with lots of flood water.
So the trip out was uneventful, although there were some floods and lots of standing water especially on the M60. The driest part of the trip was the Birkenhead Tunnel. Anyway, fast forward to St Helens and I'm looking for a car park entrance at the building I'm due to survey and end up round the back in a narrow lane.

Dakar 2008 cancelled

Unfortunately, a day after posting here about the first official Aprilia entry into Dakar, the organisers decide to cancel this year's event !
No Dakar to watch for this year, and no Aprilias!!!
Just hope it will happen next year and Aprilia enters again :-(

Here's the official announcement:






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