100th win - mainstand - fires

Special day today as Aprilia won the 100th gp in the 125s!!

And if you consider when they started racing that's a great achievement.
Good day today at Misano, as in the 125 there was a 1-2, and in the 250s it was 1-3!

In the meantime I had a service on the bike that has almost done 30k miles.
It's 29700 at the moment but will get over the 30000 very shortly.
Things that needed attention after my recent trip were.
New circlip on the left footpeg, as I lost the original one

The Begining - Day 1 - 28 July 2007

Well I have to start from somewhere, so here it goes.

Our P&O ferry leaves at 9 tonight but Saturday morning and we are still getting ready!
The plan is to leave around 3-4 pm.
Midday and leave some things last.
Go to Halfords to get some long tie wraps as I cannot find my old ones, and we have decided to take the roll bag, instead of the top box, that doesn't hold a lot of things!
I will try also to see if I can find a cigarette light adaptor for the TomTom Rider, as it doesn't seem to want to charge from the battery cable!

Get the tie wraps.

Stephane - Benoit - Olivier

I'm back from a wonderful holiday in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

First of all thanks to Stephane, Benoit and Olivier for letting us tag along with them for a couple of days in Morocco!!

Who would have thought that they would be two Caponords on the ferry from Tarifa to Tangiers!!
And that we would meet again about an hour after coming off the ferry!
Thanks a lot for everything guys!!
Hope to see you again..

As for the bike no problems at all apart from a missing circlip of my left foot peg. The temporary fix still works.
A total of about 3,500 miles covered.

Centrestand - Oil pressure switch - KTM 990 Adventure

I finally replaced my broken centrestand with a new one.
And in doing that I've answered my previous question about the centrestand, and whether it should be touching the exhaust or not.
The new one doesn't touch the exhaust on any side!!
Which would probably explain the premature death of the previous stand!
I wish I knew if it was like that from the beginning or not!
The only other question I have now, although I've only had time to test it only once, is that I cannot use the centrestand when the sidestand is up!!
Which I'm sure it wasn't the case with the previous one.

Centrestand - Reise-Know-How - Sachsenring

My centrestand finally decided to follow the steps of the other small parts, that this year took a rest.
The full story about the centrestand is here.
I will probably replace it with another one, but if you have a centrestand and you reading this, please have a look and let me know if is supposed to touch the exhaust pipes or not!!
I am very curious.

Glasgow - Bearings - Assen

Quite a few new ideas at the moment, and a lot of things to work on but not enough time.

Have been to Glasgow a couple of weeks ago for a basketball tournament.
And then the incident with the airport happened!
Glad to had travelled on the car as a plane was an option.
Although was stopped by the police on the way out of Glasgow on Sunday afternoon.
Maybe it didn't help the fact that they were four blokes on a car, and three of them quite tall !!

Back to the bike issues.

Clutch Tank Cap - Capo Wiki - Metzeler Tourance EXP - Supermotard - Nickel & Dime and Mr Unlucky!

I have just replaced my clutch tank cap, because the rubber part of it has started deteriorating, and for the last few weeks I could see some clutch fluid weeping.
Which is fine, considering I am just about to reach the 25,000 miles mark.
The only thing that was a bit surprising, was that they sell the rubber part together with the metal top cap!!
It even includes the two screws if i remember correctly! ???

There is another project I have started, trying to have an online manual for the Capo.

Starter Relay - Lorenzo - Two Capos meet in traffic lights - Recommended Dealer Map

It's been some time since the last news that I've posted here, but I'm glad that my problem with the starter relay it was a very short-lived one.
I've got the replacement part in about a week's time, during which time the faulty one was working fine as well.
I've replaced it anyway, but I will try and see if something can be done, so it doesn't happen again.
Maybe a switch. or another starter relay with a fuse in it.
Thanks to the suggestions StuO.!

The Mysterious Starter Motor That Runs With No Key!!

It just happened to me as well tonight

Coming back from work, stopped for petrol (everything normal), rode 2 miles to get home, stopped, made a mistake to put the stand down while in gear, engine stopped.

Or almost stopped
Because I could hear the starter motor running !!!

Took the key out - NOTHING
Hit the kill switch - NOTHING
Hit the starter button to see if it was stuck - NOTHING
Put the key back and switched off - NOTHING
With the key on hit kill switch to ON - Engine Fired Up (Starter Motor Still Running!)

Took the fuses out from the dashboard - NOTHING

Caponord sounds

Thanks Artur.

A couple of new videos with the exhaust modification (drilled holes).

You can see them here:
40 sec Exhaust sound
and here:
9 minute ride to Ace Cafe

or head to Multimedia - Videos and they are probably somewhere in the top.

Glad to see more Aprilia Caponord videos.

I need to make myself put some videos there as well!!






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