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Raleigh to Boston

By juninhobubas - Posted on 17 July 2010

Here in the states I recently did a little trip for memorial day from Raleigh North Carolina to Boston Massachusetts, a little trip 1620 miles in 6 days about 2592 kilometers, I must say my butt was tired by the time I got home.
The first leg was from Clayton NC a little town that I now call home straight to wading river on the eastern end of Long Island. It was all highway to make up time, It took 12 hours to do 595 miles and everything went smooth till I hit Staten Island, traffic started and lets not even mention the traffic when I hit the Brooklyn Queen's expressway, bumper to bumper with plenty of potholes in the mix at one point the outside temp gauge hit 105F, yes it was hot and i should have taken the parkway ( all the New Yorkers will know what i mean ).
The second day was to chill and take a little ride with both my sisters ( Can Am Spyder, and a Suzuki Gladius ) in the River Head area. The trip was back on schedule the next morning with me and the Gladius straight to Orient Point hop on the ferry to Connecticut and straight up to Plymouth to visit the "rock" and grab some pizza.
Boston was the next stop arriving in Cambridge around 15:00 hours, by luck we where just blocks from the Portuguese community and I just had to have some food from my home land Bacalhau, after that I was set for bed. The following day was for the family and kids doing some site seeing, the Freedom Trail which walks you through the historic parts of Boston, and a trip to the kids Museum, almost forgot we went down to Sam Adams brewery just to say hello, that was for the adults. At night we hit the Quincy market Very Nice, great night life, I would recommend it as a place to visit, beautiful, great mix of an old historic city with the new sky scrapers.
After that it was all down hill, back to Long Island, and the day after that back to North Carolina. I know this is probably boring for most but i enjoyed sharing this with the Caponord community, I will have some picks online soon and in August its down to Florida and Hilton Head SC.
Now down to whats important My lovely Caponord with 32,557 miles was perfect, great ride, performance and every place I stopped it turned heads, I love it!! Cant wait till the new Tuareg comes out, then I will think about maybe trading it in. I must confess their are better known adventure touring bikes out their, and yes they may have a leg up on the off road aspect still don't think I would part way with mine.






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