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RSV 4 - Bike licence - First no start

By Makis - Posted on 24 February 2008

The new Aprilia RSV bike is unveiled in Milan.
Read all the information by clicking on the picture above.
New V4 engine that will enter the 2009 Superbikes.
Would be nice to see another one entering the MotoGP, as well :-)

Big celebration last week, as my wife got her bike licence !!!
Now if I can find a way to make the Pegaso lower and get it back on the road!
I know it's possible to do it on the F650, by changing the suspension links and the stand, so I guess i will have to try and see if it's possible with the Pegaso.
If anyone has tried it before, just let me know :-)

Finally, had the first no start last Tuesday, as the Capo refused to start in the morning.
It was the morning that the outside temperature was -5 so I think that had something to do with it, plus the fact that I still have the original battery and it's almost 4 years old.
It was fine next day though, as I've charged it all night.
I usually leave it on the charger if I don't use the bike for a few days, but maybe I will have to think about a new battery.
Will see.






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