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Shiver - Oil leak - Dorsoduro

By Makis - Posted on 16 May 2008

Had the chance to ride the Shiver for a day when my Capo was in for the MOT.
Nice bike, very light, the fly by wire throttle response is very fast and quite nice.
Very nice touches around the bike.
One of them is that the lights are not fully on before you start the bike.
There is only the small parking light on when you turn the switch on, and a few second after you start the bike up the dipped beam comes on.
Nice idea, and I wish I could do it in the Capo.
Another nice touch is the mode switch, that changes the display on the instruments that have plenty of information. Only problem is that I was using it instead of the indicators, because it's positioned very close to the indicators. Or maybe the whole thing needed a bit of adjustment.
Didn't like the fact that the side stand is a bit difficult, under the footpeg, to open, plus the fact that after 80 the wind pressure is too much, but that's normal for a naked bike.
Another important nice feature, as I've been told by the dealer is the service schedule.
First oil/filter change at 600 miles as normal, and then next service at 20,000 miles!!!!
Which means around 4 services with the Capo!!
It would be very nice to have the engine in the new Capo.
Or try the new Dorsoduro to see how it's like on a trail/supermoto bike..
Which, by the way is being tested by a few magazines, and it's in this month's RiDE.

In the meantime after the MOT, I have noticed a small oil leak on top of the bash plate.
Going back to my dealer so they could have a look, they found out that after checking the valves, they didn't put the gasket in very well, and there was a small leak.
They offered to take the bike back in after a couple of days,and they replaced the gasket, and tested free of charge.
Thanks a lot Scott and Paul :-)

At the moment I'm still looking for a possible rear shock replacement, since for quite some time my preload adjustement had stopped working.
Had asked how much would it be to fix it, and been told it's going to be 60-70 pounds labour plus replacement parts.
The original RR shock costs around £700 (!!! ) from my dealer.
The same shock from AF1 has a price of $449!!! which is probably about the third!!!
Very confusing.






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